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About Us


Len Meng was first founded by Mr Wong Hoi Len and Mr Ng Kam Meng under the partnership name of Len Meng Engineering Work Co on 1st April 1982. Since then, we have been building on our brand name by providing excellent services and product to our customer in the Engineering field as well from the Oil and Petrochemical industry. We have established long term working relationship with our clients. This proves that our clients are satisfied in the services and product that we had provided for them.

Under the leadership of the found, Mr. Wong Hoi Len and Mr. Ng Kam Meng, Len Meng has been incorporated to Len Meng Engineering & Construction Pte Ltd since 2006. We are constantly looking for expansion opportunities and new clients. We will ensure that their needs would be answered and they will choose us as their premier business partner on a long-term basis.